Will Your Indoor Vape Pen Use Set Off Smoke Alarms – A Look At Vaping and Its Impact On Fire Alarm


As a smoke alarm company we are constantly having to run tests in various scenarios to assure our products function properly given there intended use.  While we never ever want our smoke alarms to miss a real life fire or smoke related emergency there is a fine line between constant false alarms and detecting true threats and dangers as they occur.  As we are always attempting to tighten this line up at every point we have to research and investigate every possibility that may impact a smoke alarms performance.  One recent popular trend that has really popped up on our radar is the vape pen, dab pen and wax pen craze.  Using a vape pen can create significant amounts of vaporized smoke which raises the question how does this impact indoor smoke alarms.  Vaping smoke and there interaction with smoke alarms is currently a bit of a confusing and controversial topic as many experts have differing opinions.  Our current research and studies show that normal vape pen use indoors should not set off modern smoke alarms.  We have seen some cases where higher use rates of PG and flavors create larger smoke particles that at times can give smoke alarms systems trouble which we are currently developing some adjustments for in our next generation of products.  Vapor smoke is a lot different then cigarette smoke and all signs point to vaping being a much more smoke alarm friendly indoor activity.   Part of the process of understanding how vape smoke impacts smoke alarm detection is learning about the different types of smoke alarms.  Lets take a look at a few to deepen our knowledge on this very interesting subject.

Vape Pen Sensitive Smoke and Fire Alarm Type Number One – Ionization Alarms

Sensitive to small particles of smoke, Ionization alarms take advantage of two electrically charged radioactive plates.  When vape pen smoke particles enter a smoke alarm of this nature they interrupt the electricity between the plates, setting off the alarm.  One of the more common types of smoke detectors Ionization alarms will go off when smoke is blown out directly at them.

Vape Pen Sensitive Smoke and Fire Alarm Type Number Two – Optical Alarms

Optical smoke and fire alarms work by beaming infrared light as sensitivity and alert markers.  When vape pen smoke particles enter this type of smoke alarm, the smoke particles trigger the infrared lights to be scattered onto a detector which sets off the alarm.  This type of smoke alarm does not perform that well against false detecting vaporizer pen smoke in our experiences.

Vape Pen Sensitive Smoke and Fire Alarm Type Number Three – Heat Alarms

Mostly used in kitchens and places where heat and smoke often exist , heat alarms are unlikely to detect vaporized smoke as they are responsive to heat rather than to actual smoke particles.  These are one of the best choices when it comes to vape pen smoke management and detection.  If you do want to learn more about how vape pen smoke interacts with the latest smoke alarm technology stay tuned as we are conducting plenty of more studies to write up soon.

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