Top Causes Of House Fires – What To Watch Out For and What To Avoided

Nobody enjoys a house fire and at Signal One Safety we want everybody to be safe.  Often filled with our most prized possessions and precious memories the home is a sacred place that should be protected at all costs.  A home is a place where you are supposed to feel safe from the threats of the outer world.  Since invented fire has been destroying buildings and homes but thanks to modern technology and new and innovative thinking the threat of fire is not what it once was if appropriate measures are put into place.  Fire prevention is not only about having a world class smoke and fire alarm alert and detection system but to also be highly educated on what typically causes house fires and some of the more effective precautionary steps that can be taken to avoid them all together.  Lets take a look at this OHI Construction infographic to get a better on what exactly the top causes of house fires are so that we can start coming up with game plans of protection and avoidance.  A breakdown of key fire statistics can along way towards educating us on what to do and what not to do.


Top Causes Of House Fires Statistic #1: 42% of House Fires Are Started By Cooking

We are sure we all can agree that eating is awesome and fires are not.  Its pretty staggering to think that almost 50% of the home fires that occur are started from cooking.  One idea that we think should really be stressed is the fact that we should never take our eyes off what we are cooking.  Too many times we start cooking something only to get distracted or preoccupied by something.  When fire or heat is being used in the kitchen it simply should be monitored at all times and this stat certainly makes a great case for that.

Top Causes Of House Fires Statistic #2: One Civilian Fire Death Occurs Every Three Hours

This number is simply way too high and we need to start doing everything in our power to bring it to a more reasonable standard.  No one should have to experience the loss of a loved one due to fire and often times all it takes is a little time, effort and money to reduce the possibility of such a tragedy taking place.  If you are worried about a friend or family member be sure they are guarded by a SignalONE Safety® as saving a life often can come down to something as simple as pre-planning.

Top Causes Of House Fires Statistic #3: 62% Of House Fire Deaths Occur In Homes Without Working Smoke Alarms or Fire Detectors

Why anyone would risk their lives living in a dwelling that is not properly equipped with the correct smoke alarms and fire detectors is beyond us but at the same time we also get it.  Lives get busy.  Minds get forgetful.  Budgets get tight.  There are many roadblocks and obstacles that may pop up which prevent us from from taking care of our smoke alarms and fire alerts but no deterrent in world should stop up for taking care of this important matter.  When we think about the fact that over half the homes in America are not monitored properly it hurts.  Lets all come together to try and bring this sad statistic back to a more reasonable percentage.

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