match-fire-close-burn-39244SignalONE Safety® Stuff Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) – A Saving Voice

We understand how damaging fire can be which is why we wanted to create a product that not only works amazing but affordable enough to where everyone can have access to the technology.  Fire prevention is as important as it has ever been and we have made it our mission and dedicated countless resources to making America and the world a safer place from fire.  Since we do work with such a broad market we often get a lot of general questions that we have taken the time to answer here to give you resource place to learn about some of the more common inquires we receive on a daily basis.

SignalONE Safety® Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #1: What If I Am Hard of Hearing?  How Do I Hear The Voice Signal or Alert?

One of the best aspects of our SignalONE Safety® system is that not only is it voice controlled but also provides visual and physical signals and alerts inside the dwelling as well.  Any threat detected not only triggers voice alerts but also flashing lights, text message / phone calls and email messages.  Whatever communication works best for you we probably either support it or can add it on as an extra.  One of the best ways to stop fire from causing extreme damage is to stay on top of in the most timely manner possible and that is exactly what SignalONE Safety® does.

SignalONE Safety® Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #2: How Do I Know If My Smoke and Fire Alarm System Is Working?  What Tests Are There?

One characteristic of the SignalONE Safety® system that our clients really find valuable is the automatic daily, weekly and monthly testing that occurs by owning the system.  Since the program is online and connected digitally and wirelessly we have the ability from the command center to not only test to make sure everything is up and running properly but also to determine the moment something has malfunctioned or been broken.  We assure that your smoke and fire alarms are fully functioning at all times as one the best methods to fire prevention is being proactive.

SignalONE Safety® Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #3: Can I Monitor My Home or Office For Fire Threats Online?

Being that we are in the modern era of mobile technology we have worked tirelessly to assure that our products are accessible from not only desktop computers but also all mobile devices and wherever there is appropriate internet access.  You can check online all types of factors such as activity levels, working status and replacement / upgrade needs.  When it comes to protecting you home or office from fire we make sure you are taken care of both offline and online.